God's Purpose Will Prevail: Dominican Republic 2024

From departing plane ride to arriving plane ride, God's purpose prevailed. It is easy to forget His sovereignty or to think you are in control. However, over and over again, we experienced His tender care, His intentionality and sovereignty over every detail of this trip.

Ava and I had the privilege of serving alongside pastors in three different communities facilitating Vacation Bible School (VBS), two communities hosting a field day and by painting three houses. The hospitality and generosity of the Dominican people pointed to a joy that was not circumstantial. One of the women, when asked for prayer, told us that everything that she asked the Lord for, He had provided. We had the privilege of hearing salvation stories from two of the pastors. We had just enough crafts for the 90 plus kids at the last VBS. Our God is intentional! The Lord gave strength and joy throughout the trip. He hears and answers prayer!

Please continue to pray for us and for the Dominican people. May we remember and reflect on what the Lord has taught us. May the gospel go forth and His word not return void!

From Ava specifically
"Thank you so much for supporting us by your prayers and generosity. It was a life-changing opportunity that opened our eyes to a new and beautifully unique culture. Going on the trip helped me to realize my heart for going on mission trips. This trip changed me spiritually in so many ways. One of the ways is that I was able to grow in boldness for Christ. I have always struggled praying out loud and in front of people. But God. He gave me many opportunities to pray on the trip and I can thankfully say that I took them. The Dominican people showed me what kindness and welcoming can truly feel like. On the first day we went on a prayer walk. There were about 20 of us in the group and people welcomed us into their homes again and again. I felt deeply encouraged by the joy that the people had and I want to imitate that. Thank you so much for giving my mom and I the opportunity to experience that! "

Grace & Peace,
LeKiesha and Ava