Our Story, God's Glory: Dominican Republic 2024

Wow! My time in the Dominican Republic was so incredibly fulfilling. My team led a VBS in three different towns around Santiago, participated in field days with the kids, and painted three houses for community members in need. Seeing people with so few material possessions living so gratefully and generously was life changing. After we finished painting Ana's house, the local pastor asked her how we can be praying for her. She confidently proclaimed that God has already given her everything she needs! While we painted Carmen's house, she brought out several trays of Coke to help us work through the heat. Once the job was done, she said that the local pastor, Elvis, was welcome in her home any time! What great testaments to God's incredible faithfulness.

After serving Dominican children through VBS and field days, I can confidently say that I have never seen such beautiful smiles. The kids were so excited to teach us new songs and games. On our second field day, two kids brought out a dominos table, and we played several games with them. They also gave us lots of starfruit from a nearby tree! The kids at VBS were so eager to sing songs, make crafts, play games, and most importantly, hear the Gospel. I am continually inspired by their awe and curiosity. Two of our VBS's hosted nearly 100 kids, which is incredible! We were even able to reach children in an area where there had never been a VBS before.

I am so grateful to have participated in what God is doing in the Dominican Republic. As a person who readily clings to the illusion of control in my life, I learned to better lean on the Lord's plan instead of my own. I have also grown in gratitude and patience. Without each of your generous donations and prayers, I would not have been able to have this wonderful experience. Friends and family, thank you from the bottom of my heart!

All of this being said, there is still great need in the Dominican Republic. Many people have not yet heard the Gospel, and physical sickness is prevalent along with single-parent households. I ask that you continue to pray for the Dominican people and for the individuals at GO Ministries that are working faithfully to serve the Lord and others. God's work neither begins nor ends with us, but by His grace, we are all called to play a part in the building of His kingdom. Thank you again for your support!

In Christ,
Talli Frame